About Us

Hi, I am Alan Phillips, President and founder of AMH Enterprises, Inc. Here at AMH we teach you how to run a company reselling to the Federal Government. I have been selling to the government for over 17 years and have learned how to play with the big boys.

In 2000, I was asked by a company that did government reselling to develop their company into a franchise concept. At that time, I knew nothing about government reselling. So, with the owner of the company we started to develop the strategies and processes to run this type of business. After a year it was decided that it was not going to work, so we parted ways. I then used what I had learned to create my own business reselling to the US Government.

The US Government Contracting Officers are always looking for people to help them with problems that come up in the process of buying products. With that in mind we developed this program and now we have 15 franchises located in 9 states. The amount of opportunity is endless as the needs of the huge departments of the government and our military.

With the advent of the Internet and especially Google search, we have access to all products made in the world. And who buys more than anyone? The US Government, with a budget just this year of 1.7 trillion dollars. We tap into this world as resellers, finding and buying product and reselling it to the government. Contracts that have been won by our franchises range from $500 to $1,000,000.

Most people who attempt to do this business with the Government fail. Most don’t even get through the registration, and if they do, know nothing about how to find and win contracts. The biggest challenge to being successful is communication. Also, being able to problem solve, to look at a situation and see the avenue to winning a contract are keys to being successful. Over the last 17 years I have learned how to avoid the pitfalls and play this game and win to create a thriving business. I have eliminated the guess work to help people like you develop their own business and become successful.

My background is in education, professional sales and coaching. I work with each franchisee on a daily basis helping them build their companies to whatever size they would like to be. The franchise will determine how big they will become.

Example of products that have we have provided to the government.

  • Machined products for Navy, Army, and Air Force
  • Industrial products- Tools, fasteners, pipes, cleaning supple, Haz Mat, etc.
  • Parts for torpedos, tanks, ships, and airplanes
  • Parts for cranes
  • Athletic equipment
  • Lobster
  • Electrical Products

The list goes on but you can see there is a lot to go after.