You can have your own business selling to Federal, State & Local governments.

You can have your own business reselling to the government! We’ll teach you how you can be wildly successful by finding the products that the Federal Goverment, the Military and State & Local Governments are looking for and how to negotiate the deal. The government has hundreds of departments and their needs are always growing – it’s virtually recession-proof!

  • No inventory to store
  • Minimal overhead
  • You control your income
  • No purchasing experience necessary
So what exactly is a government reseller?

Every day the Federal Government and Military are looking for everything from cleaning supplies to parts for tanks and airplanes! You find the vendor to supply the product and negotiate the deal.

What does it take to be a reseller?

All it takes is our intensive training, a computer, telephone and the desire to succeed! We’re experts in government reselling, so we can teach you how to make terrific profits selling to the government.

How does AMH Enterprises help me become a government reseller?

We’ll help you set up your business, get registered as a government reseller and, after your intensive one-on-one training, help you find and negotiate deals. We’re always here to support you!